Animal Friends of Lansdowne



Animal Friends of Lansdowne

Animal Friends of Lansdowne is an organization with members who are passionate about animals and animal issues. They have a heavy focus on the responsible management of domestic and feral animals.Their goal is to make Lansdowne a safe haven for people and animals to live in harmony.

AFL has a strong commitment to issues  such as as animal rescue and adoption, population control, health and sanitation, education and awareness, and, always, the humane treatment of all animals.

Their mission is to advocate for animals in our community and for the people who care for and about them; to raise awareness of important animal issues through educational and promotional activities; and to foster the kind and responsible stewardship of both domestic and feral animals.


Ways to get involved:

Foster an animal
Volunteer at a local shelter
Make a purchase on the AFL Wishlist 

All donations go directly to the animals in need, and because they don’t consider any animal too tough a case, the can find themselves in need of help from the community.


To learn more, get involved or donate, visit Animal Friends of Lansdowne​.

Animal Friends of Lansdowne


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