Dominica – The Island of Nature

If you are looking to immerse yourself in a trip with nature, this is the island for you. The Commonwealth of Dominica is known as  the nature island of the Caribbean due to its wide variety of flora and fauna and extensive natural park system, a remarkably unspoiled natural beauty.  The jewel of Dominica is […]

The Islands of the Bahamas

Bahamas Underwater

Think of aquamarine waters, of a gentle breeze and a bright sun. These are some of the reasons why a visit to the Bahamas becomes an unforgettable experience.  In fact, the Bahamas are composed of more than 700 hundred cays and islets across the Atlantic Ocean.  It is indeed a natural playground for those who […]

Bonbini to Curaçao!

Curacao Beach

What makes the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao different from other Caribbean destinations is that you can visit it all year round since it is located outside the hurricane belt. The island offers a wide variety of things to do, while you enjoy a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. It is a singular island whose […]

Gastro Tourism – Croatian Wine and Cheeses

The goal of pairing wine with cheeses is actually to achieve a balance between the two and one should not dominate the order. These are some examples: Smoked cheese and the red blend opg pranjic from Slovenia produces smoked cheeses with several additions. The cheese pairs well with the rebellion wine from Korcula, this wine […]

Let’s Talk Spring Vacation Ideas!

With the beginning of May finally here, so is the beginning of a dream that we call: vacation! A little vacation in which we can relax, forget the daily chores, and recharge us with new energy for the months ahead. We are thinking of places full of beauty and charm. One of them is a […]

The Scenic Drives of Finland

Howdy! Because Finland is sparsely populated, there’s much-untouched nature to enjoy and engage in many outdoorsy activities like hiking or biking as well as scenic road trips. Finland is so sparse, that some people have joked that private properties seem as if they’re accessible to the public! Welcome to #scenicSaturdays where a diversity of views […]

Places in the U.S. That Make Train Travel Worthwhile

Howdy! Welcome to #trainfriday’s where here at BHGH, we blow a lot of people’s minds because many individuals don’t know that train travel is also a way to leisurely get across the United States. The train systems in the U.S. are not like European train travel where it’s more common and accessible to use throughout […]

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day In 2022

Howdy! Deep-rooted in Irish lore St. Patrick’s day is one of America’s most iconic holidays celebrated on March 17th which is the anniversary of the death of the 5th-century patron saint of Ireland. Folklore says St. Patrick banished all the snakes from the country, but he is in fact credited for bringing Christianity to the […]

Japan. Endless Discovery!


Howdy! Today we are going to visit the beautiful country of Japan! While travel to Japan is still restricted, you can go ahead and put it on your list of ‘places you should go when travel opens back up’. Japan is one of of the worlds oldest civilizations. It is an archipelago made up of […]

The Seychelles: Our Home, Your Sanctuary


Howdy! Today we are visiting the beautiful and idyllic Seychelles! The Seychelles consist of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean. Yep! A whopping 115 islands! They are all scattered across 1,400,00 square km of ocean. There are 2 categories of islands. 41 ‘inner’ granitic islands make up the backbone of the Seychelles tourism industry. […]