The Heart and Soul of Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Curious about the heart and soul of Valentine’s Day? Let’s dive into the romantic history rooted in England!  Did you know that the origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to England in the 14th century? Here are some enchanting details to inspire your next romantic getaway: Chaucer’s Connection: The English […]

Score Big: Super Bowl 58 in Vegas!

Hey there, sports fans! Are you still reminiscing about the electrifying Super Bowl experience you had last year? Well, buckle up because we’ve got some thrilling news that’s bound to get your heart racing faster than a game-winning touchdown! Fast forward to 2024, and we’re back with an offer you simply can’t resist – Super […]

National Plan Your Vacation Day

Happy National Plan Your Vacation Day! Today is not just a day, it’s a ticket to your dream adventure! Join us in the excitement as we embark on the journey of planning the ultimate getaway on this special day, January 30th. Step 1: Dive into the world of wanderlust! From serene beaches to bustling cities, […]

Travel Protection?

Why do you need travel protection? Embarking on the journey of a lifetime, you think you had all your  bases covered—maps, check; camera, check; wanderlust, check. Little did you know, the universe had a plot twist waiting for you. Nestled in the heart of Europe, your dreamy vacation took a tumultuous turn when an unforeseen […]

Welcome to Book Here Give Here!

Welcome to the world of immersive travel with Book Here Give Here! We’re not just a travel agent company; we’re storytellers, experienced travel guru’s, and your passport to a world of unparalleled adventures. At Book Here Give Here, we believe in more than just travel; we believe in the transformative power of exploration. Our mission […]

Excursion Experience for Immersive Travel

Immerse and Thrive: Crafting the Ultimate Excursion Experience for Immersive Travel Embarking on an immersive travel adventure is not just about witnessing new landscapes; it’s about diving headfirst into a kaleidoscope of experiences that leave an indelible mark on your soul. To make the most of your journey, it’s time to master the art of […]

Cancun Adventures

Cancun Adventures and Excursions: A Paradise for Thrill-Seekers Cancun, nestled on the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, is a destination known for its turquoise waters, powdery beaches, and vibrant nightlife. While the stunning scenery alone is enough to draw travelers, Cancun also offers a plethora of adventures and excursions that cater to thrill-seekers and […]

Tips For Hotel Booking

Tips For Hotel Booking Your Guide to Finding and Booking the Perfect Hotel for Your Next Getaway! When planning a trip, finding the right hotel is a crucial step that can significantly impact your overall travel experience. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay, consider these tips for locating and booking the perfect hotel. Firstly, […]

Daylight Savings – Fall Back

Stop watch

Fall Back an Hour It’s that time of year again! Time to set your clocks back an hour and enjoy an extra hour of sleep! This year, daylight savings time ends on Sunday, November 6th at 2:00 am. That means that on Saturday, November 5th, you’ll need to set your clocks back an hour. But […]

Thanksgiving Around the World – Japan


Third Stop, Japan Kyoto, Japan Thanksgiving in Japan is a time to give thanks for the year’s bountiful harvest, and to express gratitude for the many blessings of family, friends, and community. This holiday is also a time to reflect on the past year, and to set intentions for the coming one. For many people, […]