Castle Destinations: Scotland

Howdy! If you’re a fan of castles, then Scotland is definitely the place for you. The country is home to some of the most stunning castles in the world, many of which are open to the public. So whether you’re looking for a historic site to explore, or simply a beautiful place to take some […]

Northern Lights – Part Four: SCOTLAND

If you are on a quest to see the Northern Lights, but don’t want to have to make your way into the Arctic to do so, then Scotland just might be for you! The window to see the lights is a bit smaller, ranging from late October to early March but with less snowfall and […]

The Undenaibly Fascinating Mystical Scotland

Howdy! Did you know that the unicorn really is the official national animal of Scotland? This country loves its mythology as much as BHGH loves to travel.  Many tales of Scotland could show why the unicorn is associated with the land. The mythological animal represents purity, innocence, power, and masculinity which are traits that can […]