Best Chocolate in Portugal

best chocolate in portugal

Portugal is a renowned destination for its food and wine, and its chocolate is no exception. Visitors to Portugal can find some of the best chocolate in the world, made with traditional techniques and recipes. Here are some of the best places to get chocolate in Portugal: 1. Antiga Confeitaria de Belém This historic confectionery […]

Portugal Islands

Howdy! Portugal is indeed a must destination. The people are very nice, the food is superb, and the sites are countless, but in addition to the mainland there is a thrilled destination of a different type of sightseeing: visiting the Portuguese islands. Portugal has some of the most beautiful and fascinating islands on earth. It […]

Madeira Island

Madeira Islands

Howdy! Today we bring you one of Europe’s most beautiful travel locations-Madeira Island. The Madeira Islands are a part of Portugal. They are located in the Atlantic Ocean about 350 miles from Morocco. The islands offer you a mild subtropical climate all year. Average temperatures hover in the high 50’s throughout the day, with gorgeous […]