Northern Lights – Final Part: ICELAND

To finish off this tour of a few countries fortunate enough to find themselves under the Auroral Ring, we end this quest to see the Northern Lights on the Nordic Island of Iceland! Seeing as how our ultimate goal is to experience this natural light show, we figured there could be no better place than […]

Northern Lights – Part Four: SCOTLAND

If you are on a quest to see the Northern Lights, but don’t want to have to make your way into the Arctic to do so, then Scotland just might be for you! The window to see the lights is a bit smaller, ranging from late October to early March but with less snowfall and […]

Northern Lights: Part Three: FINLAND

Finland Aurora

No trip around the Auroral Oval would be complete without mentioning Finland! Especially due to the fact that the Northern Lights are visible for around 200 days a year in the around beautiful Lapland. This obviously makes our chances of catching the show even higher, but while we wait for the day to end, there […]

Northern Lights – Part Two: NORWAY

Norway Aurora

When on the quest to see the Northern Lights, and check another item off the bucket list, we would be remiss if the gorgeous country of Norway doesn’t make its way into conversation. Famously known as one of the Viking homelands, this beautiful country stands as a testament to natural arctic beauty and is often […]

Northern Lights – Part One: ALASKA

Alaska Aurora

When one thinks of Alaska, it almost always invokes an image of expansive stretches of ice and snow. As well as snow-capped Spruce trees and mountain ranges, like the popular Brooks Mountain range, located the furthest north out of Alaska’s 14 mountain ranges. However, the most sought-after attraction to be found in the state is […]