Solar Eclipse 2024

Caught in the gravitational pull of solar eclipse FOMO? There’s a profound beauty in witnessing the universe choreograph its own spectacle. But as one eclipse fades, anticipation for the next one builds! So, join me on a journey across continents to the mystical lands of Iceland, Greenland, or Spain, where the sky will unveil its […]

Northern Lights – Final Part: ICELAND

To finish off this tour of a few countries fortunate enough to find themselves under the Auroral Ring, we end this quest to see the Northern Lights on the Nordic Island of Iceland! Seeing as how our ultimate goal is to experience this natural light show, we figured there could be no better place than […]

Iceland’s Volcanoes: A National Treasure

Iceland is known as the land of Fire and Ice!  You have so many amazing glaciers to hike and volcanoes to explore and best of all Iceland has many Unesco World heritage sites. So many glaciers, so little time! They range in size from small ice caps to vast glaciers that stretch for dozens of miles. […]