Cannabis Vacation? YES! Please!


Howdy! Once upon a time, the only way you could use cannabis (legally) was with a medical card. And that was only assuming your state provided them. Today, there are only 4 states that still have pot use completely legal. Some have a mixture where medicinal use is legal, but not decriminalized. However, 25 states have now made it fully legal.

This has opened up a new vacation option for those who are looking to stay with in the United States and partake legally. By vacation, I don’t mean stopping by a local dispensary. I am talking about a fully immersive and cultural vacation filled with activities, food, tours, and of course endless dispensaries.

I am going to share 4 of the best cities (not in California) you can enjoy a cannabis vacation, worry-free!

Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for their welcoming of all things local and organic, so you can imagine how excited growers were to be welcomed among the community.

In 2014, the first annual Cannabis Cup was established where all submissions must be grown in living soil and devoid of mineral salt fertilizers. Winners are determined in a double-blind test by a group of growers, sommeliers, and brewers. But if that doesn’t tickle your pickle and your are looking for a more ‘hands-on’ experiences you won’t have to go far.

Enjoy a culinary experience with cannabis infused foods with single-strand extract added to locally sourced foods. Each dose is timed perfectly to ensure a fabulous dining experience. You can also take advantage of cannabis events like yoga!

At some point, make sure to stop at Archive or Farma. You will find an enormous menu to choose from with expert advice!

Boulder, Colorado

Colorado legalized cannabis in 2012 for recreational use. Since then, the hippie culture they tend to be known for has grown even more! Cannabis is more the welcome in Boulder.

Colorado is known for being outdoor enthusiasts and that includes the use of weed while participating in these activities. Cannabis hiking-yep! What about a weed-infused massage-the ultimate relaxation! You can even take tours of Cannabis farms for the ultimate experience. You can even stay in smoke-friendly hotels where you can enjoy with like-minded individuals!

Any festival lover should visit when The University of Colorado Boulder holds their annual 4/20 smoke out.

If Boulder isn’t your scene though, you can always visit Denver or even Durango. You can also read all about Durango, from our Small Town Saturday post!

Las Vegas, Nevada

This one shouldn’t really surprise you. The saying goes “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Your first stop, after dropping off your luggage, is the worlds largest dispensary, known as Planet 13. Planet 13 is open 24/7 so you can catch one of their many shuttles, day or night! With an incredibly large menu and employees who are more the happy to help you find a strain to suit your needs, guests will be in pot heaven!

Of course there is more to do in Vegas than just gamble. The shows are absolutely incredible! Do yourself a favor and check out Opium at the Cosmopolitan. You will be in for a trippy treat with the neon colors and and adult humor; especially after hitting up the dispensary. One thing to keep in mind, public consumption on the Strip is technically illegal, even though you are sure to smell it everywhere you go!

Burlington, Vermont

Vermont is more than just fall foliage along your New England adventure! Vermont knows how to grow! They are still working on getting their cannabis scene up and running you might find a lot of locals who grow their own!

Visiting Burlington for a ski trip? Be prepared to be offered a joint while on the ski lift.

Burlington also has their own Cannabis Cup that includes edibles, topicals, and concentrate. And just like you are bound to find craft beer throughout, you can also find craft cannabis-perfectly grown, as you would expect!

Cannabis vacation? YES! Please

Contact your travel guru today to curate your perfect cannabis adventure. They can provide you with hotel options, the best cannabis activities and price points for your ultimate (legal) cannabis adventure. Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your adventure-we got those too!




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