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Howdy! Today we are featuring an incredible resort, BodyHoliday St. Lucia.  The global pandemic has reached it’s 2nd year. And mental illness has reached an all-time high. Therefore, many people are seeking vacations that are centered on well-being. BodyHoliday is your truly idyllic vacation that is designed by you!

BodyHoliday is an all-inclusive luxury resort dedicated to well-being. Their philosophy is based on the four pillars of well-being; relaxation, restorative beauty, exercise, and diet. Trust me-you have never experienced a vacation like this!


At BodyHoliday, being pampered is an everyday experience. Your luxury all-inclusive stay includes a daily therapy and spa treatment at the Wellness Center. You will enjoy a 50-minute session that includes a massage, body wrap, Thalassotherapy and a facial.

For your full body massage, choose between the Serenity Massage or the Sizzler Massage. The Serenity Massage is designed to ease tired muscles and calm the mind using gently flowing movements. The Sizzler is more of a moderate pressure massage designed to soothe aching muscles. Both massages use their soothing essential oils that will help balance your mind and body.

After a long day in the sun, cool your body with an Aloe Wrap. Your entire body will be lightly massaged with their cooling Aloe Vera Gel and then wrapped. While your body is thanking you, you will also receive a hydrating facial. Finally, your entire body will be moisturized with organic coconut milk.

Thalassotherapy is a filtered seawater treatment. Now you might be wondering why seawater might be good for your body, so let me explain! Seawater contains calcium, phosphorous and sodium ions. Massage jets and specific exercises help absorb these minerals to increase your blood circulation. It also stimulates muscle tone and can aid in weight loss.

Restorative Beauty

Skip the face lift and try a CACI Skin Treatment. CACI offers a non-surgical face lift that helps trigger repair activity within your skin cells. It improves muscle and skin tissue all while toning and lifting. And can even help remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For anyone looking to get help with their troubled skin you can enjoy a variety of services to help reduce redness, remove blackheads, and heal existing blemishes.

Restorative beauty is more than just focusing on skin care. At Eve, their exclusive beauty salon, you can enjoy a variety of services, such as blowouts, mani-pedis, waxing and makeup services.


Body Holiday is every fitness enthusiasts dream come true!

Before you arrive, you will customize your own fitness schedule. You can choose from an endless list of activities, fitness classes, and specialized sports programs. Not only will they help you start a new exercise program that you can implement when you get home, but they also offer to follow up with you after you leave to help you reach your fitness goals.

Your stay also includes a personal training review session. Their senior personal trainer at BodyHoliday is Julian Felix, the Commonwealth Gold Medalist and Caribbean middle weight Body Building Champion. So you can be sure to receive a training session that will guide you to achieve the results you are looking for.


You might have heard fitness is 20% exercise and 80% diet and BodyHoliday takes this rule of thumb to heart. Each meal at every restaurant is curated with the need to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fat-without sacrificing taste! And  every menu features locally-sourced food and ingredients fresh from their own organic garden.

At Tao, you will enjoy an East-West fusion. The Wellness Café provides you with smoothies, salads, and sandwiches all day. And for a fine dining experience with expertly paired wine, enjoy Cariblue Windows. You will enjoy views of the tropical gardens as well as the beach. And don’t forget to checkout Pavilion, where you can enjoy their homemade pizza!

Learn all about good wine at the Wine Salon Experience. Enjoy a classic martini and some music at the Piano Bar. At the Clubhouse you can enjoy live entertainment, cocktails, the library and game rooms. And don’t forget to checkout the secret garden for afternoon tea!

Today, BodyHoliday focuses on preventive care rather than curative. However, they use to focus on helping those who needed to undo their past healthy lifestyles.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to book our BodyHoliday wellness retreat.  Contact your Travel Guru right now to book your ultimate wellness vacation. Your body will thank you later! Oh, and if you need a payment plan to fund your BodyHoliday vacation-we got those too!


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