Looking to escape the confines of your everyday life? How about heading down South to a completely different world. One where time slows down, the air is fresh and clean, and where there is a sense of history that is still alive in Louisiana.

Nestled just a few miles outside New Orleans, Louisiana, is the mysterious glade called the “Marsh”. Home to alligators, snakes, hawks, and eagles, the Swamp is truly a natural wonder that you can experience on an intimate, authentic Louisiana swamp tour.

These waterways are at the heart of it all, with no less than 80% of Louisiana’s wetlands nestled here in its own backyard. For sheer numbers, there are 120,000 miles of waterway within a 60-mile radius of New Orleans. These waterways comprise the primary means of transportation throughout this region as well as home to most of Louisiana’s wildlife.

Friendly and experienced guides can uncover the mysteries of this magnificent habitat that harbours more than 140 species of fish and wildlife. ‘The Marsh’’ is a vast area consisting of three distinct ecosystems; Coastal, Central, and Bayou, where one trip will never be the same as another. Yours is the trip where you can see alligators and other wildlife up close in the quiet safety of your covered boat.

Imagine a trip down the bayou, watching alligators and other wildlife, with a nice breeze coming from inside the boat that’s been customised for comfort and passengers. That’s what you get when you book on of Louisiana Swamp Tour’s tours and take a journey down the rivers and bayous.

When you are finished with your swamp tour, we are just a short distance to the many attractions of Lake Charles, like the Calcasieu Ship channel where huge ships come through each day.

Louisiana’s wetlands are wide open expanses filled with a rich diversity of life and local traditions. Here, the waterways are their highways, the bayous providing an easy route to explore by air, land, or sea.

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