Boats & Travel: ANTARCTICA

Home to the most fascinating (and faraway) marine mammal research in the world. Exploring Antarctica from a boat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with whale watching tours where you’ll see dozens of different species, and voyages that lap against the shores so you can get up close to penguins and seals as they live their day to day lives in this remote part of our planet.

When you think of Antarctica, you probably envision snow-covered icecaps and penguins. That’s because the continent is one of the most isolated places on earth. Most people can only reach it by taking a cruise ship from South America or the Falkland Islands.

You might have seen pictures of icebergs before, but nothing likely compares to the real experience of watching towering icebergs drift slowly by as you make your way through the Antarctic bay. These sights may not be hard to describe, but taking it all in for yourself creates a mental picture that you’ll never forget.

Antarctica cruises, unlike the holidays most people take their families on, are destined for adventure. Cruises to Antarctica take place in the Southern Ocean and are famously considered the last true wilderness on earth. Whilst enjoying a luxury vacation, cruising guests can also expect to be treated to views of unique wildlife.

Antarctica is home to a wealth of wildlife that will amaze your eyes — and delight your heart. On your Antarctica cruise you can watch whales at play, observe the behavior of Gentoo, King and Adelie penguins, marvel at the feeding habits of minke whales, blue whales, humpbacks and orcas, and discover the unique eating habits of fur seals.

There’s no better place to experience Antarctica than during a cruise. Boats visit the Antarctic Peninsula from early December through March, when daylight and temperatures increase, allowing for plenty of opportunities to study the wildlife in their natural habitat.

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