BHGH Newsflash – Updated COVID Protocols In Puerto Vallarta

Howdy! BHGH just learned of updated COVID-19 protocols in the State of Jalisco which includes the resort area of Puerto Vallarta and we wanted to make sure you were aware of them.

According to the official tourism website for Puerto Vallarta, Visit Puerto Vallarta, the following guidelines have been put in place in by the state government in order to ensure the return to schools for kids and teenagers at the end of August and are effective as of July 30th:


The use of masks is mandatory for every person in any public space, such as public streets, public buildings and public transportation, as well as commercial establishments or services with general access.


Hotels are operating at 80% of their capacity and 50% in their common areas and beach services. Hotel pools, beach clubs, spas, gyms, and restaurants are already available to guests. Each and every hotel is following strict health and sanitation protocols, established and monitored by local authorities, as well as their own corporate or business protocols. Sanitary filters are placed, denying access to persons with a body temperature of over 37°C, and/or cough-like symptoms; hand sanitizer for guest use is given at entrance doors; the use of masks is mandatory in common areas and when in contact with people that do not belong to the same travel group.


In general, public beaches are open; nevertheless, it is recommended to follow the preventive guidelines for a safe and healthy social coexistence: It is recommended to shower before and after visiting the beach; keep a safe distance of 6 feet (5m) between groups; use hand sanitizer; use masks when entering and exiting the beach (can be removed once there); groups no larger than 8 people (preferably from the same family); chairs, loungers, and umbrellas must be sanitized before use; it is suggested to not share objects with other groups at the beach (floats, balls, and others).


The beautiful and iconic Malecon boardwalk is completely open to the public. Plazas, shopping malls, and corridors are open following health protocols. Similarly, museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas, gyms, spas and sports facilities.

With a strong sense of responsibility, tours and recreational activities are normally operating, with a maximum capacity of 80%, reason why we recommend booking in advance.

Restaurants will operate with a maximum capacity of 50% until 00:00 hrs.

Bars and clubs are suspended during the month of August.

Casinos will have a maximum capacity of 60%.

Supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores and businesses will have a maximum capacity of no more than 75% up to 500, 70% up to 1,000 on surfaces larger than 4,000 m2.

Parking spaces will operate at 75% of their capacity.

As always should you have any questions or concerns contact your Travel Gurus for the most up to date information!


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