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Petra tou Romiou, also known as Aphrodite's Rock

I loved being in Greece and Cyprus - well I could move there... and Santorini did not disappoint.  Besides the amazing culture and the live excavation sites still happening, the people are amazing and the food is to die for.  I love that its so fresh and no GMO's... Enough about what I loved and now for why you should go...

If archeology has ever sparked your interest, this is a region to def visit.  Greece has so much history and cross of cultures, from Roman and Turkish that you see so much beauty. 

The mythology we have learned and seeing the temples of the gods and learning about them was super cool.   Going to a theatre that doesn't need microphones because the acoustics are so good no matter where you sit.  You can even practice - most have a spot where you stand...  you can see so many others doing the same. 

This part of the world is still finding underground cities and excavations are still live.  

Visiting the peloponnesian region just an hour from Athens, you get to not only explore more history and culture, but you also see some amazing beaches.  Vineyards and Olives are famous here and doing a tasting or two are a must. 

Back in Athens, the city is very easy to navigate with the metro.  Spend time in Plaka and enjoy dinner in syntagma square.  Walk the square and see enjoy the flea market.  

I went to Cyrpus from Athens, a very short flight.  Spent a couple of nights enjoying the water and touring the island.  (note - if you go here the electricity is different.  you need a UK adapter).  Lots of more excavations commissioned by many - the ones I visited were commissioned by Poland.  The wines -  OMG the wines -  so good!!!!  the weather in Athens is delightful for those that like a warmer climate.  It doesn't really get cold there...  and for beaches you want to go to Paphos.  As you can see from my picture -  Aphrodite's Rock is on the way there... 

Next I was off to Santorini  -  I had to see what all the fuss was all about. A beautiful island that can be experienced in a day's drive.  The destination, while having beautiful views and sunsets, i found was not beach friendly like the Americans are accustomed to.  The beaches are rocky, not sandy and not many properties with Caldera views have access to the beach.  They do however, have amazing sunset views.  This is an experience like no other.  For beach time -  I recommend Milos.  Spend at least 4 days there.  Want nature wellness and adventure? Go to Ikaria.  Or extend your stay and do them all.  

I do recommend renting  car in Santorini for the day.  You can see the island at your pace - but do get to Akortiri early as it does close mid afternoon. 

Spend the afternoon in Fira, starting at the Cathedral and walking through the old town.  You will find yourself immersed in local culture.  follow the signs to the cable car where you can ride down.  (or you can go down the steps) When you get to the bottom, there are more stores, and you will find the donkeys that can take you for a ride. 

At then end of the boardwalk there is a cafe called Cafe Aroma where you can sit and see the blue water, getting a breeze and letting the stress leave your body with every exhale.  Cafe Aroma has great fresh food -  not pricing and authentic.   Great place to see the sunset. Or you can go to Oia or to the lighthouse. 

Ancient Thera is not to be missed, however, I will tell you my fav part was the drive up and down the mountain.  The views are magnificent.  The turns and no railing -  well that's another story. 

A must bucket list item! Hopefully, you feel like me, that this is a part of the world that should not be missed. 

I look forward to planning your trip the ancient world.   


PS.  with the views from this part of the world, Destination Weddings should def consider this location. 

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