3 Holiday Treats from Around the World

Holiday treats

Holiday treats are traditionally a staple at any holiday table. Holiday themed tins filled with cookies and candy can be found in households around the world! This holiday season, ditch the fruitcake and try these delicious traditional holiday treats from around the world.

  1. La Bûche de Noël (France)

This delicious dessert is typically made from sponge cake and chocolate buttercream and is baked to look like a log (think pumpkin roll).  It represents the Yule Log – a wood log, drizzled in wine, and burned on Christmas Eve. While other flavors and versions are out there, you can’t go wrong with chocolate buttercream!

  1. Saffron Buns (Sweden)

Traditionally served by the oldest daughter in the family, saffron buns are sweet and buttery. They are shaped in an “S” and yellow in color (from the saffron, naturally!). Fun fact about saffron: it is high in antioxidants and linked to several health benefits. Just think of saffron buns as a “healthy” dessert.

  1. Melomakarona (Greece)

If you like baklava, this treat is for you as it is said to taste very similar. Melomakarona are sweet orange-zest cookies soaked in honey and topped with walnuts.  YUM!

You know what’s better than eating these yummy desserts? Eating them on location! Contact your Travel Guru today for your ultimate gastronomy adventure.

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